Kindled Memories is here to help you establish a permanent, online, "social media" style memorial page for your loved one. Share their life story; include photos, videos, and your own personal memories. Then invite family and friends to contribute stories and photos, too. You have total control as to what is posted on the page and seen by the public.

Click "Get Started," fill out the brief registration page, and start creating a meaningful and lasting memorial for your lost loved one. If you would like assistance in getting started, a member of the kindled Memories team is available and happy to help, for a nominal fee. Contact

Memorial page websites have been around for some time, but they lack coordination and continuity. Kindled Memories has the added feature of a scannable QR code, which is attached to the headstone or graveside monument linking people directly to the memorial page from a mobile device.


Scannable QR Code

Kindled Memories has an added feature to take the memorial experience one step further. A QR code on a small metal plate can be attached to your loved one’s headstone, monument, or urn. When scanned with a smart phone or tablet, you are immediately taken to the Kindled Memories page created specifically for that individual. What a great way to share the life story of your loved one with others who care!

To obtain a QR code for an existing Kindled Memories page, contact your local funeral home and send them to our contact page, or email their contact information to us at All QR code distribution must be done through your local funeral home director.

Customizable Memorial Page

The memorial page is fully customizable by the family or friend in charge of funeral preparations. They are provided a sheet with unique page-creation instructions. By following the web address on the card and the simple steps for creating the page, their memorial page can be ready to share in minutes.

Your Company's Brand

Keep your brand in the middle. These memorial pages will be hosted with your domain name and embedded within your website. Kindled Memories is behind the scenes running the system, while you get all the marketing power of keeping your business at the forefront.